On the lookout for line stitches

When it comes to outlining, I am always trying to go beyond the usual stem stitch and outline stitch.  Of course if there's plenty of outlining to do and if the plan is to use as many stitches as possible,then stem  and outline stitches should be included.And that's what I did.

But then,with their quota over, I needed to look for more.

I tried the Knotted chain stitch.You can stitch it loosely to make clear links between each other or pull it tight. I've done the second.Here's the tutorial on Knotted chain 

Then I tried the Mountmellick stitch...Look like a mini anklet,doesn't it?
Mount mellick stitch creates tiny triangles and is a decorative line stitch .Mary Corbet has a fantastic video tutorial on this one .It reminds me of the anklet stitch too...but that's a totally different one..
Both knotted chain and Mountmellick stitch out of the way, I attempted the Scroll stitch

Here it is..very  gentle and elegant...
If scroll stitch is there,then can coral knot be far behind?

Sturdy and strong..
But I'm not done...I need more..And I'm looking to you all to help me in picking some more line stitches.
Will you,my dear readers, kindly suggest one stitch each?  That would help me a lot in my ongoing project .It has to be  a line stitch which makes a moderately thick line, not something like cretan stitch, fishbone stitch, or herringbone stitch.

By the way, I stitched another one of  my little one's drawings too...

Something fishy is going on... :)

Looking forward to see which line stitch you suggest,

Love,luck and sunshine,