Storing stitch samples

The other day I was going through my old tutorials for compiling them into a single page under the title "Embroidery tutorials" and it struck me that I've not shown you how I store my stitch samples.Many a times I've seen  stitchers converting their samples to fabric books or quilting them into blocks . I've often wished to do the same. May be one day,I will :)
But till then,I need to keep them intact and for reference.

How do I do that?

My storage is a refillable display book with pockets.It is similar to a photo album,but the pages are A4 size.I've had it with me ever since I started blogging and it currently holds almost all the bits and pieces I've stitched till now.

Each page can hold two A4 size samples on either side. Let me show you some of the contents.
Here is my Kutch work sampler .The book is spiral bound and hence can be kept flat open without any trouble at all.
Then comes my Chemanthy and its variations and Kamal Kadai samples.The photos are a bit blurred because of the plastic encasing.
My Pachis work piece and its variations. Never got around to doing more of this

My stitch study sampler with notes on each stitch.These were a bunch of stitches which are not commonly used.
My bullion stitch sampler in Brazilian embroidery which put me in a bit of trouble at one point.

Another Brazilian embroidery piece called "Golden showers" which I stitched for a BE  group.

So,that's how I store my embroidery bits.Infact these are just some of the pieces in my display book .There are still some pages left ,but that may get filled soon.With this way of storing ,I can keep all my samples in one place rather than having them here and there.
How do you store your li'l bits of embroidery? Does anyone use this method? Or is there some better way to keep them ?

Do let me know through your comments,
Love,luck and sunshine,