Flowers and more..

Some of you may remember that quite a while back I had reviewed Diana Lampe's Embroidery for all Seasons . You can read the review here.
At that time I had hoped that I would be stitching something from it soon. And Iam still waiting that glorious moment when I'll stitch up atleast one complete project from that book.
Since a complete project may take some while, I decided to attempt some of the flowers from the sampler.

 I tried the Achillea 'Cerise Queen',and Agapanthus(both green and blue).Several french knots,bullions and fly stitches here.Since I've not used rayon threads,these cannot be Brazilian embroidery. We can call them dimensional embroidery though.

And then added tiny flowers
Alyssum(violet and white) and Autumn Crocus(yellow).More french knots and lazy daisies.

By the way, did you notice? -All flowers start with the letter A :) 
Meri of agulhas da Meri had generously gifted me a Viana embroidery magazine .This pattern is from there.Viana embroidery is usually stitched with red or blue perl 8 thread in  Linen/cotton. That's why the red color for the alphabets :) Thanks once again Meri..those books are precious to me.
Then my daughter contributed. She drew someone and I stitched him :)

Hola..Iam an ant (just in case you think otherwise)

Hope you enjoyed today's alphabet!
Love,luck and sunshine,