A new filling technique with Chain stitch

Something new,something fresh today!!

The stitch is the same old chain stitch,but the usage is a little different .Earlier I'd used chainstitch filling in my Kashmiri work pattern .That's the regular technique of filling with chain.

I've named this new technique as "Honeycomb chain stitch" .As the name indicates, it creates a net like filling within an area. This stitch reminded me of honeycomb blanket stitch - hence the name :)

First,here are some pictures of my trials

The simple chain stitch interlaced with one another. What do you think?

This was my first attempt.This technique works well if you have a focal point.

I did not like the colors I had picked and was almost on the verge of discarding this half done.

Another pattern with the same technique.

I used both the filling styles on this one. The blue arrow points to honeycomb and the green arrow shows the regular one.Isn't there an obvious difference?
The black drawing is an attempt to show you how the lacing is done.The first line would be a row of simple chain stitches. The interlacing starts from the second line.Each chain passes through the one beside it.

Did you notice the shading on the bud?

So, what do you think? Have you seen this method somewhere before? Do you know what it is called? In case you know the actual name of this technique do let me know.

Chain stitch is the featured stitch of TAST this week. When it was run in 2007 I had stitched a sampler of complete chain stitch family . You can also make tiny little roses with chain stitch - the tutorial is here.

Do let me know if you're trying out this new method or the little roses,I would love to see your work.

Till next post,
Love,luck and sunshine,