More colors and more stitching

Now that I had done the Monochromatic,Analogous,Achromatic and Complementary color schemes ,it was time to move on to more complicated ones.

The task was to use three to four colors in a pattern. Given a simple color scheme,for instance monochromatic which says many shades of one color-the selection is easy; pick a color,say blue and get a few shades of it..ta,da...

But here, I had to learn names like split complementary, triad and tetrad ,find out what these are from the color wheel and then use them . So the first thing I did was to update color wheel.

The green triangle shows the triad - three colors, which means you can get three color combo by drawing triangles on the color wheel. These combinations will have more contrast and ofcourse, more adventurous!! For four colors, draw a rectangle and you get a tetrad.

I tried to think of a pattern which will actually show me the effect of combining contrasting colors and this is what I came up with.

Green is not part of the combo,I just added it as an after thought. I wanted to use all the colors in one flower itself ,rather than as leaves or as additional deco so as to see the effect of each combination.

Triad,tetrad and split complementary.

Split Complementary means, pick a color on the color wheel, go to its complement on the exact opposite and then take the two colors on either side of that. Here,I have taken Yellow,then went to violet and selected red violet and blue violet.

Initially while stitching I was feeling yuck,yuck.. as I tried to combine the colors.The contrast was too much for me. But towards the end, as I balanced the flowers with those greens I was at peace :)

In case you are keen on taking up this course you can join the yahoo group Stitch Map,where it is periodically run for free . But remember ,free doesn't mean you can get the material and work on it as and when you please- there are mentors there who keep track of whether you've done your assignments or not. I am off to finish my next set of exercises..ta,ta

Love,luck and sunshine,