Learning about colors and the first stitches of the year

New year wishes to all of you!! A little late, but better late than never!!

As the year began, I got an opportunity to learn about color theory through a free online course run at StitchMap.Color selection has always been a weak point of mine.Solid colors are fine,complementary colors are also fine,but ask me to differentiate between the minute shade differences of a color- I am gone!!

Well,anyway, the first half of January had me rummaging through the pages of magazines,pamphlets and brochures looking out for different colors .I made a color wheel with those...

Click on the pic for a better view.Primary colors are shown in heart shape,secondary in diamonds and tertiary in rectangles.Did you notice the warm and cool colors separated by the dashed line? Yellow to red-violet on the right side are warm. By warm, we mean colors that strike you instantly.Violet to Yellow-Green on the left are cool colors.

Once the initial paper cutting work was done with, we had to demonstrate the color combos.

I used Petal stitch for those big flowers,filled up with stem stitch and french knots in the center.The small flowers are done with blanket stitch and fly stitch .Those were inspired by TAST. But here the stitches are not important;we're talking about colors,aren't we? Let me tell you the categories.There are three combos here-warm,cool and mixed.

The red petal flower is warm,the purple and yellow petal flower is mixed and the purple petal flower is cool. Though I like all the combos, I think my color values are warm and mixed . I'll never go for that purple, blue,green combo unless Iam forced,like in this case :)

What about you? Have you given a thought about your color values?

A few more exercises are to be completed; once that is done, I'll show you another set of color combinations.
Till then,

Love,luck and sunshine,