Embroidered fabric from spider silk

Creating fabric from spider's silk - intriguing,isn't it?

(image courtesy V&A Museum)

The technique goes back to about 300 years. A special tool is used to collect silk from female Golden orb spiders and the fabric of bright yellow is woven from it. In case you're wondering if the spiders are killed during the process- no,they are returned to the wild after extracting silk.

This cape is currently on display in Victoria and Albert Museum in London . Admission is free. In case you're somewhere around you could pay a visit.

For those like me who can only watch from afar,there is a lovely video showcasing the creation of this cape which took about 7 years of making and silk from 1.2 million spiders .The fabric is in itself beautiful,but the embroidery - ooh,la,la...
The artistry of the people of Madagascar deserves a salute .
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