Comparing two patterns-Anthuriums with Kamal Kadai

While posting the Anthurium with Kamal Kadai, I had written about not being satisfied with what I'd done. Had a feeling that something was missing there,but could not place it. I tried again. The same flowers, the same technique,but with a slight variation in the pattern.

Instead of the stiff stems, I made it curvy; the leaves were modified too. The size of the flowers too were reduced .And the tip of the flower has come out better than the other one.

Here is a comparison.The pattern on the right which I posted last time is based on an actual photograph. The leaves are more real. It looks good as an individual pattern. But it looks firm & staunch.
Today's is a fancy version of the same. It looks dainty ,I just wish I had used a brighter color for the leaves.

What do you think? Do you like fancy embroidery patterns full of curves and swirls ? At present, I am kind of vacillating between both - I like 'em both,but the left one slightly more.

Till the next post,
Love,luck and sunshine,