All'z well...almost!!!

Hi everyone,
Finally got a chance to update on what has been happening in my life...

About a month back,suddenly fainted, while falling hit the corner of a wooden shoe rack, daughter screamed,neighbors came and called DH back from work,did rounds of the hospital multiple times , a brain and cervical scan and some more tests, walked around with a big black eye for a couple of weeks,finally,yesterday, the name of the culprit was revealed as pan sinusitis.And it is bad!!!

The doc has prescribed medicines for two weeks,if no improvement is seen, a surgery has been advised.

The first thought when the doc uttered the word surgery was...oh my god!! she's going to cut open my head!!! After returning home, I looked around a bit on the web and found that the procedure is through the nose. Well, I can resort to anything to do get rid of the constant headache,the heavy feeling on the head, the occasional fainting and vertigo.

Anyways, two more weeks and we'll know.

I hope all of you are doing well...I haven't been able to visit my fellow blogger's posts as frequently as I would've liked to and I genuinely miss you all...

Love,luck and sunshine,