Handmade Lace - Anyone knows the name?

Some days back, I had visited a friend of mine recuperating after a surgery at her mom's place. While conversing on different forms on handwork ,which is our common interest, her mom showed me some laces she had made. She had learnt it from a relative of hers many years ago. She wanted to know if I knew the name of the method and if other patterns were available.

I've no knowledge of laces or lace making,so I clicked a few pics of some of the lace strips made by her so as to show you all. If anyone of you know anything about this method and resources ,please do let me know so that I can pass it on to her.

She makes these laces with two long spokes she has resourced from a cycle wheel.From what she has told me there are some formulas involved and the creation requires lot of time. But isn't all lace making laborious and time consuming?

I've left the pictures big enough so that you can have a closer look. What do you think? Is this knitting lace? Iam making a guess since it uses two needles.

If anyone is aware of this method ,please leave a comment here in this post.

Love,luck and sunshine,