Fixing Shisha(mirror) with Kutch embroidery

Have you tried fixing shisha with kutch work?

That's what Iam doing now. After the doodling on my daughter's pyjama , Iam trying shisha on the remaining one.
The inspiration came from a couple of pictures of a pouch which Anne mailed me asking about the stitch used. Anne bought this piece while on a trip to Jaipur,Rajasthan.

Kutch work is also known by the name Sindhi stitch, Sindhi taropa, Kutchi kadai or Maltese cross and is related to Armenian embroidery .The embroidery is believed to have travelled across continents thanks to nomadic tribes.There are quite a few tutorials available online which teaches the basics of this interlacing work.

But the tutorial for this pattern was not available .So I had to experiment a bit on it.

First I tried the stitch without mirror/sequin.

The squares were too big. This wouldn't do for little one's pyjama.

Second attempt. Still not small enough.

Third attempt on the pyjama with small square and a big sequin.First I tacked down the sequin with red thread(sheesh!!) Never thought that the thread will be visible through the gap.In the second attempt (the incomplete one) I didn't even bother to tack down the sequin.

Her royal highness was happy to see this one...but then, she again asked the question,where are the beads?

So, I am off to add beads now and complete the rest of interlacing.

If in case you need a tutorial on how to do this particular pattern,do let me know.

Love, luck and sunshine,