Doodling and studying

Hi everyone,

How are you all?

Though I would love to show you some stitching progress in one of my projects, I haven't had much time to pick up needle and thread because of these..

The top four I've to teach and the bottom two I have to learn.So whenever I think of embroidery,these loom large before me and I pick them instead.

But couple of days back a demand from my daughter put me back into stitching mode again. Like all the thrifty moms around, I too have a habit of saving fabric pieces with the thought of using them for some purpose. Many a times I get them converted to pyjamas for the little lady. This time around the fabric used for pajamas were plain and the little one wasn't too keen to wear them. She wanted flowers on them. I was not in a mood to take an actual design and do some serious embroidery.
So I doodled...

I wasn't too concerned about the design or the stitches. Since it is for a five year old, I knew I had to concentrate on the colors .More the number of colors, happier she would be. And no delicate stitching too. The colors needed to be prominently visible. So I used 3 strands in most of the swirls.

Here is the close up. Perfectionists would grimace, but this is instant embroidery and that too with a doodled design for the first time in my life :) You can still see some of the lines which I've left off from stitching.Anyway, this was a good way to finish off all the left over thread bits and pieces from previous projects.

In spite of the less than perfect satin stitches and stems ,I was pretty happy with the look and thought she too will be. After all, she's not going to wear it for years..she'll soon grow out of it in a few months. But do you know what she asked when she saw it - Where are the BEADS?

Sigh!! I pacified her saying there's one more pyjama, I'll do the needful on them your majesty!!
Very soon you'll get to see a pajama with beads and buttons :)

Till then,

Love,luck and sunshine,