Learn a stitch-Knotted chain stitch,a Tutorial

I came across the knotted chain stitch while looking around for a new stitch for outlining. It looked like a good stitch for decorative lines and borders. But different sites had different interpretations for the same stitch . The Wikipedia showed the stitch this way :-

On the other hand, artsanddesigns had a slightly different version. This stitch is also known by the name of link stitch and I think the above picture justifies the name.

The arrow points towards the original stitch as shown in Wiki. Click on the photograph for a better view. If the knots are placed slightly far apart or pulled a little tight , we get the other variations.Have a look at the close up below.

Let us see how a knotted chain stitch is made :

Step 1 : Come up at a point A on the reference line. This stitch is worked from right to left.

Step 2: Insert the needle at a point B above the line and come out at the point C. Make sure that the gap between B and C is not too large. If it is too long, the knot will have two legs jutting out .

Step 3: Pull through to make the base stitch.

Step 4: Now starts the knotting part. Pass the needle through the base stitch from B to C ,without piercing the fabric.

Step 5: Pull through- but not completely, to form a small loop.

Step 6: Now pass the needle again in the same direction (B to C ) but this time through the loop only .Do not pass through the foundation stitch.

Step 7: Pull and you have completed the first knotted chain.The knot formed depends on how you pull. It takes a bit of practice to form even loops

Step 8: Repeat from step 2 to continue.

In the next post ,I'll show you where I've used this stitch. I hope the steps are clear enough for you to try. I've used it for outlining, but are there other possibilities?

Till the next post,
Love,luck and sunshine,