Trying out a new thread on a bunch of daisies

Yes,that's what I am doing now. The project is quite simple - a few daisies scattered here and there.

The fabric was meant to be used as a kitchen towel. After the embroidery, I think I'll use it for a more sophisticated purpose :)

The idea of trying out the new thread came while I was transferring the design. Thanks to a dear friend I was in possession of DMC's metallic range called Light Effects.

Click on the pics to see the actual shine of the threads . DMC has come up with several variations under this metallic range - Jewel, Antique,Pearl and so on and so forth.

Don't these threads look as if a lot of tubular beads have been strung together?

Let me admit - I am no fan of metallic threads. We get Anchor stranded metallics here and everytime I've tried to use them, I've had a hard time. It required all my patience to try this Dori embroidery with Anchor metallic.
So it was with a bit of hesitation that I embarked on this experiment.Here's my trial.

The right purple is anchor stranded cotton and the left one is DMC Light Effect. I've left the picture big enough for you to see the difference,so do click on it. The dark green is Anchor Metallic and the teeny bluish green is DMC. That's the anchor metallic shown below. Does anyone know if Anchor too has a similar range?

Since I had issues with metallic threads before, I changed my strategy a little bit and used only short lengths for stitching. Usually for cotton threads, I use elbow length (from my palm to the elbow). In this case, I threaded only half of that - which means pretty short . But it worked well.I wouldn't mind using them again in my future projects.

Have you tried metallic threads? Did you enjoy working with them? Long back I had seen a peacock worked entirely in metallic and that had inspired me to get the Anchor ones- but me and the threads never got along and the idea was discarded.

Anyways, I need to finish a few more bunches like these and this little piece will be done. The pattern calls for detached chain aka lazy daisy stitches throughout. But I've a slightly different plan. If it works out, I'll show it off in the next post.

Love,luck and sunshine,