Stitching small flowers? - Try this method!!

Here's the bunch of daisies all done !!

As said in the last post, I persisted with DMC Light effects for the purple daisies and Anchor metallic for the green .

The yellow daisies are stitched with Anchor cotton strands and for the double colored daisies I used one strand of yellow cotton with one strand of DMC Light Effect. I found them quite comfortable to work with -on one condition - use short lengths.

So,that's it!!

Or is it?

No, not at all :)

I need to show you those tiny red flowers.

Here's one.

What do you think? Kind of different?

The pattern called for lazy daisies scattered in between the floral bunch. But I was in no mood to repeat them again.So I tried this just for a change.

Do you want to try making something similar?
Its quite simple actually. Here's what I did.
Step 1.

To form a petal, make a straight stitch from the center

Step 2:

Come up in the middle of the petal
Step 3:

Pass the needle underneath the straight stitch without piercing the fabric,keeping the thread behind the needle .Pull and form a knot,but not too tightly. For the more experienced, this is buttonhole stitch on a bar. For these flowers, I made two such knots.

Step 4:

Go down on the other side of the bar. That completes one petal.Repeat this as many times as you want.

Now , what name do we give this flower? Any suggestions?

Well, that's about it for now. I hope next time you'll try out this method for making tiny flowers instead of the typical lazy daisies .

Love,luck and sunshine,