Needle turned Applique - An amateurish attempt

After the white on black project was discontinued , I was wondering what to do with the piece of felt I had cut. I had three choices - to dump it back into the cupboard, use it for some other project or give it to my daughter who would gladly cut it into pieces and spread it around. I opted for option 2.

Since I had enough of embroidering on felt, I chose to applique it on cushion covers. The pink one was my first attempt. Hand applique looks easy,but isn't, especially needle turned method..phew!!

This method is called Needle turned applique because we use the needle to turn the fabric under.No fusible interfacing or freezer paper is used. The only time I have done applique is when I fixed the Brazilian embroidered Peacock on a cushion cover . That was simply done using herringbone stitches on the edges - no folding or turning .

Here is a close up. I've marked the major sore points. I didn't mark the minor ones - coz if I do that you'll see nothing but arrows in the pic..[big grin]
The stitches in applique should be invisible and the frayed edges of the fabric should go under. As a friend of mine said,it takes a while to get the hang of it. So, may be a few more attempts and I'll be good :)
Well,that's about it for now.
Before I sign off, here's a painting which I completed sometime back.

And here are my friends who make it a point to visit me quite regularly.

Love,luck and sunshine,