Some projects are just not meant to be completed!!

This one was doomed from the moment it began!!

When the year began, I had drawn up a list of new projects to do this year. Of course, completing Schwalm project and Brazilian embroidery miniatures were a priority too. But what I wanted to try this time was embroidering on black.
The idea was simple- The background was to be black cloth and the embroidery on it was to be with only white. The primary stitch I had planned was satin stitch. This was a chance for me to brush up on my satin stitch skills. I was all excited!!
I found the design from a coloring page, changed it a bit and traced it on the black stitching felt I had.

And it looked like this. I had used white graphite/carbon paper to trace and the paper had left a residue on the cloth.I did not like it. But I assumed once I start stitching things will fall in place.

Then I looked for white threads. The project was envisioned with white silk threads .I didn't have them in my stash!! I had cream silk and a lot of other colors,but no white silk . So should I wait for a few days and go and get some? - Nah,no patience..I wanted to start off stitching immediately. I rummaged among the stranded cotton threads and found a single white skein. That should surely suffice for this small project.Thus the stitching started. Then the next problem cropped up.

The tracings started fading making it difficult to see. I had to keep redrawing. I pushed myself to filling the stem with stem stitch,but by then the leaves had faded. I redrew one of the leaves and outlined and filled with split stitch .Then I filled it with satin stitch. It looked just ok.Moreover,the single leaf took so much of time that by the time I started the second leaf,I had lost all the interest I had in the project.

Embroidery is something one needs to enjoy. It shouldn't look daunting,neither should it frustrate. When you embroider use the stitches you enjoy working with. I do not enjoy an overload of satin stitching- this I realized after wasting some precious hours setting up and stitching my white on black project. :(( So much for my satin stitch dreams!!

I do have one more "on black" project in my new year list.I think I'll put it off for a while. May be felt for stitching is not such a good idea. How about black cotton fabric ?Do you think it'll work out better than felt?

Love,luck and sunshine,