Fabric experiment for Schwalm whitework

Hi everyone,
Iam back after a short break. The past couple of weeks were spent with very little or no stitching at all. I did try to proceed further with my Schwalm embroidery piece with not much success.

Today, I decided to come out my holiday hangover and I signed into blogger .And what do I see? - 120 spam comments - all of them have targeted some specific posts .What I don't understand is - does "Free embroidery pattern resources" mean something else around the world? And why do the Chinese especially love Beaded Kamal Kadai? Is it my fault that Laid work is called so? Sigh!!! Anyways,blogger is at least filtering the spam to some extent.That's a relief.

So,what was I supposed to share with you today?

Oh,yes, my search to find a suitable fabric for white work. The linen I am using for Schwalm was purchased along with the Luzine's book "Basic Principles of Schwalm Whitework".
It is called Weddigen Linen and is pricey. Linen with different counts is not easily available here.And if in case you manage to find a place that sells one,it is priced very high. So I was looking around for a cheaper option and found one. Before I tell you what it is, let me show the trial run on it.

How does it look? Not bad I suppose. The cloth is known as "Thorthu" here in South India. It is a thin white cotton towel commonly used as a bath towel by almost everyone in Kerala and Tamilnadu. The warp and weft can be clearly seen ,right? This is what prompted me to attempt one sample on it. The fabric is 11 count .So if you are keen on trying Schwalm and don't want to spend too much on linen you can try this.

The towel with me was an old one and quite shabby. As it was just an experiment I didn't bother to get a new one. Luzine recommends that Schwalm should be stitched on an unwashed new piece of fabric. May be a good quality new towel would work out to be better for learning and for samplers and it is affordable too.
Jute cloth is another option. I need to try that too. Cotton towel for Schwalm sounds a little unusual and my daughter too voiced her opinion when she saw my trial -"maa why are you stitching on a thorthu, hee,hee" . DH has not yet returned from work and so before he discovers the towel and exclaims that I've gone bonkers,let me hide it.

Iam off,
Love,luck and sunshine,