Indian Embroidery Video tutorials

Hi everyone,
Iam back again after a small lull. The days are passing by so fast and my stitching has been reduced to almost zero. Yesterday - I managed to get my right hand index and middle fingers cut(barely escaped from getting chopped off completely) in a running mixer/blender.Don't ask me how. It just happened and Iam not even able to explain.

An hour after that, we were trying to chase away a huge (and I mean HUGE,probably the leader of the pack) monkey from our hall.There were four of us - producing different sounds (shoo,choo,boo,eeee..) and he was standing there looking at us as if he had come to a zoo and watching human monkeys in action.After a bit of effort from our side,he left as coolly as he had come. Five minutes later, we heard someone screaming 'GET OUT' from a nearby apartment. My BIL then remarked, had we known that he knew English we could've just told him to 'please go away' rather than making all those sounds!!!
Well, the injury has put on hold my stitching for a few more days,but I do hope to pick it up slowly atleast towards the end of this week.

So, if no stitching,why Iam writing this post?

The answer is ,to lead you to a bunch of videos on Indian embroidery!! :)
Couple of days back when Sarita Jakhere mailed me a link to a video about chikan work,I was curious. I went over and had a look - and then, just couldn't stop looking for some time . Starting from stitch 1- Janjira motif of chickankari , Mridula's school of embroidery has uploaded about 203 videos covering not only Chikan work,but other Indian embroidery methods like Phulkari, Kantha, Kutch, Kashmiri, Kasuti etc. Additionally there are plenty of freestyle embroidery stitch videos too. So, girls, if you want to see Indian embroidery in action go and have a look.

Mridula Nagarajan is well known across South India for her embroidery classes run through the Mridulas school of embroidery and fashion design for over 30 years. And it is not often that we get to see videos of Indian embroidery methods posted by the master herself. Here's the link to the complete list of video tutorials by Mridula's School. Thank you Sarita, for this great piece of information.
Hope you all enjoy watching and learning from the tutorials,

Update Feb 8th 2012 : The videos listed in the link above have been removed by the owners. So the links may not work. Will keep you posted in case there are some new videos uploaded.

Love,luck and sunshine,