Some lovely tutorials

Hi everyone,

The Dussehra festival is over and now we're eagerly waiting for Diwali to burst crackers and light the diyas around the house. We had been to my inlaws place in Kanyakumari for a short trip and came back last week. Iam nursing a sprained neck and can look around only if I turn myself completely ;) So, minimal embroidery for some days.
In the meanwhile,I roamed around the big web and found some lovely tutorials.These are some stuff which I hope to attempt some time in the future (??)

Have you ever tried embroidering buttons? I've not, but I do wish to make some somewhere down the line. Have a look at Katy's dropped a bag of french knots tutorial and see what she has come up with.I love that button on her skirt!!!

At crabapplehillstudio , you'll find a lovely wagon with pumpkins free pattern and tutorial for English daisies .

Everytime I see a stitched tote or a bag , I miss having a sewing machine. But when saw this handsewn coin purse and handbag from an old linen pant, I was excited. Have to try this one .

And finally, a very old tutorial on shadow applique which has caught my fancy. Ofcourse , I need to find a way to do it by hand . Can we try fabric glue instead of fusible webbing?

Let me leave you with a picture of an almost 1000 year old carving we came across while walking around the Thirparappu temple in Kanyakumari. Although there are lots of posts and pictures of the temple and the waterfall behind, I couldn't find this pic anywhere. Probably because most people miss it since it is on the pavement . Everyone expects the carvings and sculptures on the walls,right?

The myth behind this carving is interesting - this one was supposed to be magical. The snake used to inch closer to the frog periodically.It was believed that the day the snake reaches the frog,the world will end !! And look what we intelligent Indians did ?? Notice the gap??
Now the snake will never catch the little froggie :)
Thank us, coz we saved the world!!! :)))

That's all for now,
Love,luck and sunshine,