First attempt at...


Experts please don't flinch!!  I've no knowledge of paints and brushes .The only time I've held a brush is to paint a scene with two mountains,one sun, a house ,a coconut tree,a boat and water and that too in school. I'd bought the painting canvas on a whim during our fortnightly shopping at the supermarket and wanted to use it somehow :)
This was a free hand attempt. I splashed whatever colors I got in hand :) By the end of it, red  paint was floating inside the yellow bottle.
I also got a couple of other paintings completed and framed. I cannot claim any expertise here too,since all it requires is to trace the design and paint.
Remember this?
This is Pearl metallic on fabric. The design was traced to the fabric and then painted.
And one more..

Coffee painting on canvas.The entire pattern is painted with coffee powder. The thickness of the mix has been altered to get the different shades.Click on the pics for better view.

And..thus ends the exhibition of my paintings :) Back to embroidery now.
Thanks a ton for your kind comments about my lost package.I'm still harbouring a nanobit of hope day it'll come...

Love,luck and sunshine,