Brazilian embroidery miniatures -work in progress

I was down and out...was insides seemed like a bull dozer had just rolled over and flattened them ....
A package of rayon threads worth 100$ was missing... I had ordered it in the first week of July and it didn't reach me.There was absolutely no information even from the USPS tracking .Were those threads meant for my stash, maybe I wouldn't have felt so bad (???) .The threads were meant for those who had learnt BE from me. How could I tell them this?
So,... I took my own stash ,divided it into different packages and mailed them to all concerned. That's it!!..Gone!! my hard earned bunch...sigh!!

And that made me take up a new project with whatever threads I've left. I had to atleast have the pleasure of using some threads before I lose them too in one way or the other.

This mini pattern is titled Pandora and Ruby .It's a Rosalie Wakefield design. I've followed 50% of her instructions and the remaining 50% is mine.
Pandorae is an australian wildflower .I looked up the pictures in the net and found a good pic here and here.It is also called Wonga Wonga vine :)) I think I've seen this one alongside our streets too.Wonder what they call it here My botany,zoology and geography is bad :)

Here's Ruby the humming bird from another angle. I plan to continue this piece alongside the schwalm whitework . Let us see how the whole bunch of miniatures turn out.
Till then,

Love to all in abundance, a little luck, and teeny bit of sunshine :))   ( The moment I jot something here,my spirits revive)
And..hugs too...