Schwalm Whitework - Transfer and outlining

I've been dilligently reading the instructions from Luzine's book "Basic principles of Scwalm Whitework" and trying to implement them on the piece of linen I purchased from her alongwith the book. This is the first time Iam working on linen. I've heard of linen shirt materials,but not too sure if linen with various counts are available in the textile shops here. For beginners Luzine recommends 14 count linen. As you become better in Schwalm,you can move on to 17 count and more.I bought  a 14 count  90 x 90 piece from her for 16 Euros.In my last post, Shirley of Shirleystwistedthreads mentioned a certain Dublin Linen which is used for whitework. Iam in no position to compare and comment since this is the only piece I have :)

Well, once I had read through the instructions, I transferred the pattern onto the cloth. Unlike in other embroidery forms, Luzine suggests that the cloth should not be prewashed before embroidery. I was happy not to... :)
With no transfer paper available here, I resorted to the usual method of transferring with yellow carbon (graphite) paper. I made sure I used an old one,since I did not want too dark lines which will not wash off. But the transfer ended up to be very feeble and I had to use my water soluble marker pen to highlight the really faint lines. Atleast I know for sure that these will wash off . Besides Heather of A cherished life did tell me that the marks will disapper if I just spray water on it .
Once the transfer and highlighting was done, the outlining work started. In Schwalm, coral knots and chain stitches are predominantly used for outlining. In this case, I outlined with coral knots using Anchor Coton a Broder #16 thread.

I must admit, the embroidery is quite intricate,but I enjoyed it inspite of having to do hundreds of coral knots :)

Here's the pattern with outlining done. Click on the photograph for a better view.Don't go by its simple look.The actual work starts now. You'll see it in the coming days. Moreover, I've to repeat the same block on the other three sides....(that kind of frightens me)

Will come back with the progress,
Love,luck and sunshine,