Brazilian embroidery Applique on Cushion Cover

Here's where the Peacock ended up.

Over here in India, Salwar Kurtha or Churidar is a common day to day attire. And in most cases there will be a dupatta (shawl)  which is supposed to cover our ample bosoms (I lack that too) and ofcourse for style .A dupatta adds to the beauty of the dress.You can use it as intended , to cover up or you can put it in such a way that it does not cover your assets at all .Whatever be the case, once the dress is old and discarded, many a times the dupatta gets left out - probably because it has not been damaged or because it is too pretty to be given away. The homemaker's thrifty mind thinks of the possibilites with the dupatta  :)

Why am I telling you this? Because that's what I did with a couple of my old dupattas. I got them converted into cushion covers and then I appliqued the peacock on it with herringbone stitch. 

Here it is. A quick and easy applique. I used Anchor metallic thread for the herringbone.Thankfully for once, the thread did not give much trouble.And the gentleman does look royal over there .

Hmm...two duppatas down,ten more to go!!!!  :))

That's all for today. Wish me luck my friends, tomorrow I teach all that you see on the cushion to a bunch of eager ladies from different parts of Bangalore.

Love,luck and sunshine,