Basic Principles of Schwalm Whitework- a book review

Hi everyone,

Thanks to all your good wishes,the one day class went well .We started off with great enthusiasm,covered a lot of basics,chatted away,helped each other with the stitches ,offered suggestions and thus had a great time .There were seven of us and it was a chance for everyone with common interests to bond .New friends were made and phone numbers exchanged. Now Iam planning a workshop in another city Chennai on September 4th.The details are here.

With the class done,I've been considering something absolutely new to me . Couple of months back my husband went for an official trip to Germany. Considering the extent of his affinity towards my needlework, I did not ask him to get any stuff personally . Instead, I ordered "Basic Principles of Schwalm Whitework" by Luzine Happel online,paid for it online and had it delivered to his hotel. No headache for anyone involved :)

As the cover rightly says,Luzine Happel has described each and every step of this wonderful German Whitework that originated from the village of Schwalm. The book,especially the cover ,looks very simple and unassuming. But the contents...oh my!!! I've a treasure in my hand. The book revolves around one single project - whitework on a table cover.

Initially,when I started with the overview of Schwalm Whitework and read about KettenStich, Waffelstich ,Grundstich, my heart sank. Oh goodness,what's all this??  and like all the intelligent people out there I skipped the first two pages :)  Iam an absolute newbie and I was a bit overwhelmed with the German names as well as their English equivalents.

But the next page set my mind to rest.Luzine has listed out all the materials needed for this project - the threads,their numbers and even the number of skeins needed. How convenient!! As a first timer, I love this attention to detail. (Apologies for the blurred pic.)

She has assumed the reader to be an absolute newbie and has even explained how to find the count of the Linen and even how to cut the fabric straight.

There's a section on thread handling too. Schwalm is stitched with a thread known as Coton a Broder. Both Anchor and DMC has its own Coton a Broders. This thread is available in numbers ranging from 16 to 40 and is predominantly in white. #16 comes in other colors too.So if you aren't too keen on embroidering whitework in white,you can try other colors :)

Now for the stitching part. Each stitch has been described in detail with individual photographs. Now who wouldn't want to do a openwork like the one above?  yum..yumm..
Each part of the said pattern and the stitch for each is covered in detail.

And finally, a comparison of the same pattern stitched in different ways. I just love the way the whole material is presented.The book costs about 29.9 Euros (approx 2000 Indian Rupees,may vary with the exchange rate).I saved the shipping since it was delivered within Germany itself.

Since I did not have any idea about the cloth and the threads,I ordered those too from her. Coton a Broder is not available here in India. But Iam told that Anchor Perle Cotton can be substituted for this.I've not yet checked it out,but will let you know once I do.

Meanwhile, Indians,if you're interested in getting this book you can either mail to Luzine    or to me. One of my husband's colleagues is travelling to Germany this month end and I can order and get it delivered to him. You'll save some shipping amount that way.(No affiliation here and no profits to be gained)

So,this is going be my next attempt :) I do have plans for a brazilian embroidery piece too.Will let you know soon .
Till next post,
Love,luck and sunshine,