Can someone give me some inspiration to stitch and to blog?

I think I've lost it somewhere.After the quite elaborate bedlinen and the peacock, I have run out of fuel. My hands are reluctant to pick up needle ...and the idea of signing off from blogging has crossed my mind more than once.I think my DH's brainwashing is having an effect on me. He keeps on and on.."why do you spent so much of time on something which gives no return? Where is the value for your time? "

And I reply - "This gives me pleasure,I love embroidery, its my hobby.Do I not have a right to do what I love? and blah.,blah.."

For which he has a ready answer -"A hobby is good enough only if it is done for a little time ,not hours and hours"
Well, I don't stitch everyday, so the one day I stitch, I stitch for a  good amount of time. This conversation has been repeated for an umpteenth time between me and him.I usually let it in through one ear and out through the other.Of late,I've been unscuccessful in eliminating them. I think his arguments are slowly entering into my thoughts,dreams and everywhere else :)

What do I do?...

Until next post,
See no evil,hear no evil,speak no evil,
P.s I think I'll do some lighthearted stuff..may be that'll help