Brazilian Embroidery beginner's sampler

Here he is...

Indian Pride
(Click on the photograph for a better view)
I wish I could show it stretched and taut in a hoop - but the hoops I have are not big enough to show the complete design. I've washed the embroidered fabric but the yellow carbon marks have not gone yet. I guess I'll have to wash it a few more times to make it disappear.

So, that's it for now. The design is a little different from the usual wreaths and hearts - which would make it difficult for the hardcore traditional design enthusiasts to accept .Still, I think its a
good one for any beginner - 13 flowers and about 20 different stitches could be learnt here.

Oh, now I need to write down the instructions for the design for the sake of those coming to learn on July 3rd.I need to order threads and needles for them too. I just hope they reach here soon.

I've something totally different to show you in the coming posts. Do keep visiting.

Love,luck and sunshine,