Brazilian Embroidered greeting card

Today I tried to translate an idea which suddenly flashed in front of me somewhere in the middle of the night. Why not try Brazilian Embroidery on paper?

Well,here's the result.

Conclusion : Very difficult,but not impossible. Since this was a first attempt,I did make some poking and piercing mistakes,which you can see for yourself very clearly if you click on the photograph.

Paper tends to tear very easily....HA! !! as if I need to tell you that!! :)
So my poor card is rather battered and bruised. The bullions were particularly troublesome.

Once the work on the outside was finished,I had another issue to solve - what to do with those threads and knots on the other side?
Well, I borrowed my daughter's activity paper ,cut out two hearts and covered it up. This is particularly meaningful considering that this card was meant to be for my uncle's wedding anniversary.

Though this idea has not been a super success,Iam just wondering if I could embroider on cloth and glue it to paper? How does one glue fabric to paper? Can we use the normal glue? Or is there something else?

Love to all...