Reader's embroidery - Ghagra Choli

About a month back, after I had posted about raised chain band and fur stitch on the bed linen, Sujatha Nayak mailed me some pictures of her ongoing embroidery with raised chain band. I had asked her send me the completed pictures and yesterday she did so. Here they are :

Click on the picture for a bigger and better view.
The body of the peacock is filled with raised chain band. Note the feathers - they are outlined with sequins - we call it chamki work. The inner portion is lined with tubular beads - we call it curdanaas ( meaning cut grains). This blouse (choli) has been sewn and embroidered by Sujatha for her niece. What a color!!!

This is the skirt (ghagra) embroidered with chamki work and curdaana work and someone is holding it out for photograph :)

Here's another frock sewn and embroidered by Sujatha . This time its Kutch work, also known as Maltese Cross. We Indians love colors , don't we?

Finally ,what you see above is another piece of work from her. This one is an older piece of work and the dress has been passed on from the older to the younger.

Keep up the good work,Sujatha. We hope to see more from you and thank you so much for sending the pictures.

Luv,luck and lots of sunshine (we have in excess here ;)) ),