Free Embroidery Pattern Links

Hello my lovely ladies,

As usual, it is time to share some free pattern links available here and there on the webspace.Have a look and save those you like.

Over at TurkeyFeathers , Vicki is offering a series of free floral patterns for the State Flower Quilt Project . You can find the details here . The free patterns are being posted one by one,the latest being Pennsylvania:Mountain Laurel . Check out for all the patterns here

At CrabAppleHill, there are a series of 'heart patterns' available for download.

Caroline at Contented quilter also has a series of free patterns . Check out the links on the sidebar.

The last link should be known to most of you . Those of you who missed/loved the Verandah views BOM of Willowberry designs can check out their new series "Under the Sea".

Finally, for those who are visiting this blog for the first time,Iam currently running a series of tutorials on Kantha embroidery. The links are listed below.
Kantha embroidery Basics Part 1 and Part 2

Some exquisite Nakshi Kantha quilts

Muah,Muah....mmmuaah... :)