Yes, you guessed it right !! :)
After 7 and 1/2 months of effort and more than 35 stitches and techniques later, the bedspread is finally done...

Here it is...washed and lightly ironed.

Another view. I've pointed the last block with an arrow.The stitches used are long and short stitch and fern stitch. I plan to stitch this block again on another cloth just to get the hang of L & S. I must admit,before I started this stitch, I had a lot of inhibitions - but as I progressed, I found myself enjoying the intricacies.

Here is one more pic. The otherwise perfect ending was marred by two things - one,entirely my mistake and the second,not under my control at all. After I'd washed the sheet and hung it out to dry, I noticed the color of Kashmir work block running. I soaked the section a couple of times to lighten the colors. The next issue was the shape of the wreath. The section near the long and short block and herringbone block is a little squished. It now looks as if someone has taken a bite out of the floral pancake. I think I can correct it if I add a few lazy daisy flowers there. Click on the pics above and look for the 'deepashome.blogspot' watermark to see the problem areas.

Aaahh...that's it,then...Thanks to all my lovely blogland friends who've been very encouraging with their comments and suggestions.It truly was a great learning experience. Was it useful for you too?
If anyone needs the pattern for any of the blocks please leave a comment here. I do not have a scanner,but I can take a closeup photograph and post the pic.Do let me know if you're keen on embroidering any particular block. Has anyone been trying these stitches alongwith me? I would love to read about your attempts too.The links for the entire bedlinen project have been listed here. It is also available in the sidebar.

Now that I've completed this,the question that has naturally comeup is - what next? - Oh, there are plenty of stuff to be tried ,tested and learnt - drawn thread,needlepoint,black work,dimensional embroidery...the list is endless.Indian embroidery also cannot be ignored for long. Let me take some time and decide. I'll let you know what Iam upto in a few days.

Wishing you a very Happy and Fantabulous Easter,

Love,luck and sunshine,