This Practical Qabalah introduction to Spirit Guides explores what happens to us when we die and who these spiritual beings are that reside in the Astral Worlds.

Our world - the physical plane - is the world of manifestation, where our flesh and blood body resides. When our physical body dies the spiritual journey continues, on the other side. This part of the journey enables us to reflect on our past life and prepare for the next incarnation. There are many different types of guide, and of different levels of evolvement. Each of us on the Earth Plane has an Astral Guide that is at the same level of evolvement as us, and who is there to help and guide us in our day to day life. The mystical teachings of the Qabalah - mapped out on the Tree of Life - can help strengthen the connection with these spirit guides and the Astral Worlds.

More information on Yesod - the sephirah that connects us to the Astral worlds and Personal Spirit Guides - can be found in the Yesod workbook.  These workbooks are designed for beginners and take the student on a journey of discovery ascending the Tree of Life.  

Youtube video also available for more information on Spirit Guides

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